Saturday, October 14, 2023

FlexStyle recipe calculator - Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

My recent project is web-based homebrewing recipe calculators. These are single web pages dedicated to brewing a specific recipe, like a clone beer, or make your own recipe within a beer style. These style-focused calculators are called FlexStyle, a combination of flexible and style. 

The vision is that these calculators meet a need that is in-between the complete inflexibility of printed recipes and the unlimited flexibility of brewing software like BeerSmith. The user has some control over inputs, but it is constrained to provide some guidance. These can work like templates to guide newer brewers into style-appropriate recipes. 

All of the FlexStyle recipes are located on the FlexStyle home page

The most recent additions are two clone recipes for American pale ale (BJCP 18B). The first clone is for Sierra Nevada's pale ale, an important pioneer of today's craft beer market. The second clone is based on a homebrew recipe that is reportedly from Ken Grossman's homebrewing notes. This was the predecessor of Sierra Nevada's current pale ale. It's a bit bigger than the commercial offering. It is also interesting from a historical perspective. 

UPDATE April, 2024: These links are now available at the new Beer Engine 2024 index


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